As the Pastor, it is my responsibility to serve the people that God directs here. Therefore, it would be an honor if God were to allow me the occasion to minister to you. Over the years, I have seen many changes take place that have affected every facet of our lives.
With all of the informational technology that exists, you would think we could find the answers to any questions imaginable. Sadly, most Americans are still looking for a lasting peace and joy that can never be found in the relationships and riches of this world.
Here at Berean, we believe Jesus Christ has the answer for all of man’s problems, as well as the key to eternal peace and joy.
On behalf of our people, please accept my invitation to attend our services and see for yourself the love of God at work. We look forward to seeing you.
our pastor
Don Kirkham


About Me
I was born and reared in Wilmington, NC to hardworking parents who divorced when I was only three years of age. Living with my Jewish mother and grandmother brought many moral teachings into my life. Yet, I did not know or believe in Jesus Christ until age 15. Graduating from New Hanover High School in the mid 70’s, I first attended N.C. State University for engineering and transferred to Bob Jones University for teaching mathematics. This is where I met Karen Call who would become my wife. We both graduated with mathematic education degrees and began teaching in a Christian school located in Northern Virginia. After 24 years of teaching and having two children, the Lord worked in my heart to seek the pastoral ministry. In 2002, the Lord moved us to Forest Hills, West Virginia and allowed me to pastor Countryside Baptist Church. At this time, I entered distance learning through Liberty Theological Seminary, earning a Masters of Divinity 8 years later. Through various people and events, the Lord directed us to Berean Baptist Church in 2005 as their pastor. It has been a great joy to serve the Berean family, growing in our love for one another and sharing that love with our community. Karen is very active in ministry roles with Berean and teaches math at West Florence High School. Our son is married and works in Savannah, GA and has 2 boys. Our daughter is a pastor’s wife in Tucson, AZ and also has 2 boys.